Specialty Polymers - PEEK
PEEK (Polyether Ether Ketone)
PEEK Material Properties​
  • Opaque
  • Good wear resistance for high-temperature material
  • Superior hydrolysis resistance (Water & Steam  –  0.50%)
  • Superior radiation resistance (Gamma & X-ray)
  • Superior elevated temperature performance, chemical resistance
  • Exceptional strength & modulus at elevated temperatures
  • High long-term heat resistance (243°C)
  • Inherent flame resistance with low smoke evolution (V-0 rating at 1.45mm Thickness), Non-toxic
  • Broad chemical resistance
  • Excellent Dielectric Strength, Constant and Volume Resistivity.
  • USP Class VI
  • FDA Approved
  • ROHS and ELV Directive Approved
  • Certified for supply to Aerospace, Military, Boeing and Ford material specification
Available Grades in PEEK Material

PEEK Granules - Natural Colour

Unfilled, Virgin, Natural Colour for injection moulding purpose

PEEK Granules - Black Colour

Unfilled, Virgin, Black Colour for injection moulding purpose

Grades available in PEEK Polymers
  • PEEK Unfilled - Natural & Black Colour
  • PEEK GL 30 - (PEEK + 30% Glass filled) - Natural Colour
  • PEEK CA 30 - (PEEK + 30% Carbon filled) - Black Colour
  • PEEK SL - (PEEK + 10% Carbon + 10% Graphte + 10% PTFE) - Black Colour
PEEK Resins are available in two forms
  • Granules Form for Injection Moulding
  • Powder Forms & Fine powder form for Compression Moulding
PEEK Semi-Finished Products (Rod, Sheet, Square bar, Tube & Monofilaments)
PEEK Rods & Monofilaments

PEEK unfilled  Natural colour Rods are available from Dia 5mm to 250mm 

Other grade rods are  in limited sizes subject to availability

Peek Monofilaments are available in an unfilled grade, natural colour in dia 1.75 and 2.85mm  

PEEK Sheets & Films

PEEK Unfilled  Natural Colour Sheets are available from Thickness 2mm to 120mm 

Other grade sheets are  in limited sizes subject to availability

PEEK Square Bars

PEEK unfilled  Natural colour Square bars are available from  10mm x 10mm  to100mm x 100mm

Other grade square bars are  in limited sizes subject to availability

PEEK Bushes, Tubes & Rings

PEEK (All Grade) Bushes & Rings Can be supplied in max. dia size 300mm x length of max.100mm long.

Other grade bushes are  in limited sizes subject to availability

PEEK Finished Products
PEEK Moulded & Machined Components

♠ Components can be supplied as per your samples or Engg. drawings,

♠ No constraint on MOQ.

♠ Sample can be provided before the bulk supply.